Mapei Keraquick S1

Rapid set flexible S1 adhesive, high performance, fast setting, non-slip cementittious adhesive for the installation of ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles and mosaics

Bonding to cement-based and calcium sulphate based
screeds, concrete, plywood overlay, existing unglazed
ceramic floor tiles, cement-based renders, gypsum plaster,
plasterboard, tilebacker boards.
• For interior and exterior use.
• For the installation of ceramic and porcelain tiles and
mosaics. For natural stone not sensitive to moisture.
• Suitable for the installation of glass tiles and mosaics. Mix
with Latex Pluswhere the glass has a coating on the rear.
• For the installation of insulating materials such as
expanded and extruded polystyrene panels, gypsum
boards, glass and rockwool, Eraclit
,aerated concrete blocks, sound deadening panels

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