Mapei Kerapoxy

Two-component acid-resistant epoxy grout (available in 20 colours) for joints of at least 3 mm. Can also be used as an adhesive

Indoor and outdoor grouting of ceramic tile and natural
stone floors and walls. Also suitable for acid-resistant
bonding and rapid setting of ceramic tiles, stone
materials, fibre-cement, concrete and any other building
material on all types of substrates normally used in
Kerapoxyallows you to create floors, walls and
worktops, etc. in compliance with the HACCP system
and the requirements of EC Regulation No. 852/2004
regarding hygiene and foodstuffs.

Some application examples
• Grouting floors and walls in the food industry
(dairies, abattoirs, breweries, wine-cellars,
conserved-food plants, etc.), shops and areas
where hygiene is required (ice-cream shops,
butchers, fish vendors, etc.)                                                                                                                                                                                                      .• Grouting industrial floors and walls
(electrical industries, tanneries, battery
rooms, paper-mills, etc.), where high
mechanical resistance and resistance to
acid attack is required.
• Grouting swimming pools; particularly
suitable for basins containing salt or
thermal water.
• Grouting tanks containing aggressive
chemicals (purification plants, etc.).
• Grouting ceramic tiles on laboratory
benches, kitchen work surfaces, etc.
• Acid-resistant bonding of tiles (used as
an adhesive in compliance with class
R2T specification according to EN 12004
• Bonding marble doorsteps and windowsills.
• Bonding tiles in plastic reinforced by fibre
glass swimming pools.
• Bonding special pieces of tiles.


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