Mapei Mapeband TPE

TPE tape for flexible sealing and waterproofing expansion joints and over cracks subject to movement

Waterproofing expansion joints in road-works,
tunnels, hydraulic works and covering areas subject to
movement up to 5 or 10 mm, using Mapeband TPE 170
or Mapeband TPE 325 respectively.

Some typical application examples
• Flexible waterproofing seal of expansion joints subject
to large amounts of movement in service.
• Flexible waterproofing seals in tunnels, road-works,
• Sealing expansion joints in prefabricated panels.
• Sealing structural joints in façades.
• Sealing joints in hydraulic works, such as channels,
basins, drains, pipe-work, etc.
• Waterproofing joints in road-works.
• Waterproofing expansion joints in flat covering layers


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