ARGA 175 Swirlpool Freestanding Bath


Gloss Finish


  • Swirlpool® Technology: Emulating that of an enveloping heartfelt embrace and connecting with nature as the gentle swirling of the water works around your body.
  • Natural Infusion: The integrated infuser eliminates the need to mix salts by hand and by using the desired salt you can customise the experience to your needs.
  • Illumatherapy™: Infuse the water with a warm and magical glow whilst the sequence of colours delivers a mental wellness experience.
  • Coloured Water Jets.. Carefully designed and positioned the four jets deliver the swirl experience whilst the LED lights within the jets deliver an Illumatherapy™ wellness experience.
  • Constant temperature. The water temperature is kept constant during the Swirlpool® experience thanks to advanced engineering that utilises heat from the pump.
  • Illuminated Touchpad. The silent glass touch pad compliments the modern design of the bath with three control icons, the touchpad also swivels to access the salt infuser.
  • Fully immersive multi-sensory experience. Thanks to the delicate swirls in the water created by the Illumatherapy™ water jets and constant water temperature

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