Mapei TopCem pronto

Ready-to-use, normal setting, quick-drying mortar with high thermal conductivity. 

For forming unbonded and bonded screeds on new
and existing slabs in interiors and exteriors prior to
installing wood, PVC, linoleum, ceramic tile, natural
stone, carpet or other floor coverings in areas where
fast-drying screeds are required in order to lay
floorings in a short time.

Some application examples
• Forming heated screeds without the need for
• Forming screeds that are set for foot traffic in 12
hours and completely dry in 4 days, for installing
wood parquet and resilient flooring such as rubber,
PVC, linoleum, etc.
• Screeds that are ready to receive ceramic tiles after
24 hours and natural stone flooring after 2 days.
• Repairing screeds in areas where it is required to lay
floorings in a short time (e.g. supermarkets, shops,
residences, offices, etc.

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