Mapei Primer G

Synthetic-resin-based water-dispersion primer with very low volatile organic compound (VOC)

• For treating gypsum surfaces prior to fixing ceramic
• As an anchoring coat for gypsum-based spray able
• To improve the bonding of smoothing compounds
on cement, gypsum, asphalt, ceramic and marble
surfaces cement based and calcium sulphate-based
screeds and asphalt.
• To provide uniform absorption in cementitious or
gypsum surfaces.
Some application examples
• Preparing cement-based surfaces prior to smoothing
with self-levelling or thixotropic smoothing
• Between layers of smoothing compounds once
the first coat is perfectly dry.
• On gypsum plasters prior to smoothing with
cementitious products.
• On anhydrite surfaces prior to applying cement based
• On cementitious renders prior to smoothing with
gypsum based products.
• On gypsum walls as a fixative for wallpaper adhesives.
• Before installing ceramic tiles with cementitious
adhesives on:
– gypsum plasters and sprayed gypsum;
– prefabricated gypsum panels;
– fibrous-gypsum panels;
– anhydrite screeds.
• Treating gypsum walls, chipboard, cement fibre
boards, foamed concrete, renders etc. prior to
papering or painting

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