LevTec tile leveling solutions

For a perfect finish every time!

LEV TEC Tile levelling System is designed to create flawless tiling project efficiently
every time.

LEV TEC allows you to set floor and wall tiles in a way that will hold the tiles unique
without lippage until the adhesive dries. This process is extremely accurate and
efficient at achieving a faultless surface.


  • Easily create a flawless finish
  •  Eliminated lippage
  •  Speeds up the installation process
  •  Locks in tiles preventing slump while drying
  •  Easy to remove
  •  Suitable for both professional tilers and home renovators

To see how to use the LevTec tile levelling solution click LevTec-User-Guide (1)

for a full range of Levtec products inclduing their leveling clips, leveling wedges, traction pliers and notched trowels click LevTec-Product-Brochure


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