Achieve a Celebrity Style Bathroom with City Tiles and Bathrooms


Do you ever look at celebrity bathrooms and feel green with envy? Wishing somehow you could re-create the exact same luxurious setting? Well no need to wish anymore, as with City Tiles and Bathrooms you can do exactly that. Pictured above to the left is Love Island’s most successful couple; Olivia and Alex Bowen, and to the right, a glimpse of their beautiful bathroom created using a range of products we have in our showrooms.






Here are the 11 products you need and we have to re-create this gorgeous celebrity-style bathroom:



1. 2 Hampton Units (with bespoke worktop)




This stunning Hampton 700mm 1 Drawer Wall Unit Oak with worktop comes in the size: H 419 x W 710 x D 460mm. This gorgeous warm wood look creates style and harmony in the bathroom.



2. 2 Fola Freestanding Basins

These beautiful basins come in the size: H 175 x W 430 x D 430mm. This freestanding basin unit can create a luxurious spa look in any bathroom and thus are the perfect purchase when aiming for that celebrity- style look.



This gorgeous LED mirror can brighten up any bathroom with its Multi-Functional Contactless Sensor Controls Light from Cool – Warm & Brightness with Memory Function. This stunning Black Frame LED Mirror comes in the size: H 600 x W 1200 x D 40mm and can be displayed as either Landscape or Portrait making it a convenient mirror for any bathroom. This modern piece also consists of a Heated Demister Pad and therefore is the perfect addition to any bathroom




4. Amara Dolocast Bath


Wash Away all your troubles with some bubbles in this elegant, white Dolacast Bath from MyLife. There really is a bath and basin for everyone as this luxurious looking bath can consist of a matte, gloss or satin finish, as well as this, they can be beautifully sprayed in over 1500 RAL colours. Some other colours include pink, green and blue (pictured below). Comes in the size: L 1599 x W 787 x H 615mm.


5. Edition Taps and Shower

Sometimes the smallest touches make the biggest impression! This is the case with the many stunning black features in the Bowen’s bathroom. These gothic features contribute a contemporary feel to the bathroom as it helps give it it’s unique look. Black seems to be the new chrome when it comes to bathroom features, as black edition taps, showers, flush plates and toilet holders are proving to be on trend. Hence, black features are a consistent theme in this bathroom to help in creating a modern look.

6. Pure Matt Black Toilet Roll Holder


Another gorgeous black feature which is simple yet effective, and so, adds to the modern look.

7. Matt Black Flush Plate

This gorgeous matt black flush plate, not only looks amazing, but also has many incredible functions. This flush plate consists of double-acting mechanical flushing, it is compatible with all Alcaplast pre-wall installation systems and cisterns for building into solid walls, the mechanism is fully integrated into the wall, it is resistant to UV rays and external influences and has a surface finish: alunox-mat, ANTI-FINGERPRINT with surface treatment that eliminates fingerprint smudges.

8. Black Linear shower drain

This Alcaplast Matt Black 750mm Linear Shower Drain Complete Inc. Waste fits into the gothic black theme and although considered a small piece, can add huge character to any bathroom.

9. Pure Matt Black Robe Hooks

Continuing on the black theme, this gorgeous black robe completes the gothic small features, which all hugely bring the bathroom together and give it its modern appearance.

10. Trix Radiator

This unique black trix radiator adds a huge amount of character to any bathroom. Different to the traditional white radiator, this black version is extremely quirky and makes your bathroom completely stand out from others.


11. Edison Wall Hung Toilet

Last, but certainly not least. This beautiful Edison Wall Hung Toilet completes the celebrity- style bathroom. The Wall-Hung feature allows the toilet to take up less space. Having the cistern behind the wall also gives a more modern look since the working parts are hidden. This piece truly conveys an appearance of both luxury and convenience; thus, it is no wonder it is the toilet the Bowens have gone with.









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